8 Cheapest Countries to Study Abroad for Indian Students.

8 Cheapest Countries to Study Abroad for Indian Students.

Pack Your Bags! 8 Budget-Friendly Study Abroad Destinations for Indian Students.

Do you want to study abroad but are concerned about the costs and tuition? Studying abroad has the power to transform lives. This blog will assist you in identifying the nations that offer high-quality education that is affordable for Indians as well as the advantages such nations provide.

When you want to hunt for a career in the field of your choice, studying abroad gives you a wealth of chances and puts you at the top of your game. Many aspirant students in India find it challenging to obtain a scholarship or a bank loan because countries like the USA, the UK, Australia, and Canada offer expensive degrees. When examining the least expensive nations for Indian students to study abroad, there are a number of options available to them. Here are the eight least expensive nations for Indian students to study abroad:

1. Study In Norway.


Norway, a magnificent country with outstanding natural beauty, has a reputation for excellent schools and institutions that provide high-quality education. It’s fantastic that this country doesn’t charge overseas students’ tuition. Because of this, Indian students want to go there, which puts it at the top of the list. 

  •         University of Oslo
  •         University of Bergen
  •         Norwegian University of Science And Technology
  •         University of Tromsø The Arctic University of Norway

Cost of Studying in Norway.

Students should be aware that tuition is free in Norway, although they may be required to pay a modest


 fee (about NOK 625 each semester) depending on the college or university they attend. Paying this semester’s charge offers you access to libraries and sports organizations as well as a student card, which you may use to get cheap travel alternatives and admission to museums and art galleries.

2. Study In Germany.


Germany is ranked second on our list. This wonderful country is recognized for its world-class institutions but, unexpectedly, is one of the cheapest nations for Indian students to study in terms of the level of education it provides. For both domestic and foreign students, public universities in the country provide free undergraduate and graduate programs. A student must, however, pay if they pursue a master’s program in a topic other than the one they studied as an undergraduate.

Here is a list of Germany’s top universities based on the QS World University Ranking 2023.

  •         The Technical University of Munich
  •         Ludwig Maximilian University
  •         Ruprecht-Karls University
  •         Freie Universität Berlin
  •         Humboldt University of Berlin

Cost of Studying in Germany.

Although public universities have no tuition, private universities’ average tuition costs range from €247.64 to €3717. Germany’s annual average cost of living is around €8668.43. A student is also given a student card, which can be used to use public transportation, get into public spaces, and get discounts on many things. 

3. Study In Switzerland.


Switzerland has 12 universities and a limited number of scientific research centres. Four of these 12 universities are rated in the QS World University Rankings, with ETH Zurich ranking ninth. A nation with beautiful scenery, quiet mountains, and crystal-clear lakes is also one of the most affordable countries to study abroad.

Here is a list of Switzerland’s best universities based on the QS global ranking 2023.

  •         ETH Zurich
  •         EPFL
  •         University of Zurich
  •         University of Bern
  •         University of Geneva

Cost of Studying in Switzerland.

Although study fees in Switzerland are minimal, they might range between CHF 2472.22 and CHF 4942.69 per year. You must consider the high cost of living. A yearly living expense might range between CHF 12356.73 and CHF 14828.08.

4. Study In Denmark. 


Even though Denmark has a small population, it is seen as one of the best places in the world for international students to study. This is due mostly to the country’s concentration on research and development. Learning from industry leaders will provide you with valuable practical knowledge and experience.

The following are the best universities in Denmark, according to the QS World University Ranking 2022:

  •         University of Copenhagen
  •         Technical University of Denmark
  •         Aarhus University
  •         Aalborg University
  •         University of Southern Denmark (SDU)

  Cost of Study in Denmark.

The tuition fee for international students ranges from 6,000 to 16,000 EUR per year. More specialized academic programs, on the other hand, might cost up to 35,000 EUR per year. Students should know that EU/EEA and non-EU/EEA students pay more for tuition at private universities. 

5. Study In Belgium 


Belgium is well-known for being the official headquarters of the European Union (EU), and it has long been recognized as the heart of Western Europe. It is the political centre and home to the EU and NATO. You will have many possibilities to learn about foreign cultures and study in languages other than English, such as French, Dutch, and German. Graduating from a Belgian university will increase your chances of landing an international career.

This nation boasts stunning natural beauty as well as a rich cultural heritage. Being a student in Belgium allows you to travel around Europe, with Paris, London, and Amsterdam all only two hours away.

Aspiring students should be aware that most courses in the nation are taught in Dutch or French, while many master’s-level courses are provided in English. Belgium is thus a good alternative for overseas students. Here is a list of the best institutions in Belgium based on the QS World University Ranking 2022.

  • KU Leuven
  • Ghent University
  • UC Louvain
  • Université Libre de Bruxelles
  • Vrije Universiteit Brussel 

Cost of Studying in Belgium.

Tuition costs at these universities are quite low, ranging from €874.21 to €3,747.63 per year. At the same time, living expenditures range from Rs. 7 lakh to Rs. 11 lakh. Belgium is certainly one of the cheapest nations to study for a master’s degree program because many post-graduate courses are taught in English.

6. Study In Italy 


Italy is a great place for people who want to study abroad because of its beautiful scenery, rich history, rice tradition, and delicious food. Italy is one of the most popular tourist destinations and the centre of fashion around the world. It also offers a world-class education that is cheap for international students.

The University of Bologna in Italy is the world’s oldest institution that has always been open. It was founded in 1088 and is proudly owned by many universities that are listed in the QS World University Rankings.

Here is a list of the best universities in Italy based on the QS World University Ranking 2022.

  • Politecnico di Milano
  • University of Padua
  • Alma Mater Studiorum – the University of Bologna
  • University of Milan
  • Sapienza University of Rome

The cost of study in Italy.

Italy is a good choice for Indian students because tuition is cheap and living costs are low. Prices range from € 936.91 to € 4,996.84 per year, with specialist courses costing an average of € 9,993.68 per year.

There are a number of grants and scholarships you can get from the Italian government and other groups to help you reach your goal of going to school there.

7. Study In Spain 


Every year, Spain gets a lot of foreign students because it offers a good education at a reasonable price. Spain is a great place to study abroad because it has one of the cheapest tuition costs in Europe.

Students must have a letter of acceptance, a valid passport, photos, a curriculum vitae, academic records, an English language proficiency exam, and health insurance to study in Spain.

  • Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
  • Universitat de Barcelona
  • Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
  • Universitat Pompeu Fabra
  • University of Navarra
  • Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
  • IE University
  • Universitat Politècnica de València

8. Study In Poland 


Poland is home to some of the world’s oldest universities, which is a little-known fact. This beautiful, small country is proud of its many schools that offer classes in both English and Polish. The country has a beautiful culture and friendly people, which makes it a good place for international students to study. Because of the low cost of living, Indian students may easily arrange their higher studies there.

Here is a list of the best universities in Poland based on the QS World University Rankings 2022.

  • University of Warsaw
  • Jagiellonian University
  • Poznan University of Life Sciences
  • Warsaw University of Technology
  • AGH University of Science and Technology

Tuition fees at Polish universities range from z 11967.35 to z 23935.21, and due to the country’s relatively stable economy, you may spend around  3–5 lakhs per year on living expenses. 

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